Dave Clark Five_Startbild
Dave Clark Five_1963-1964
631005_Dave Clark Five_Do You Love Me
631123_Dave Clark Five_Glad all over
Dave Clark Five_1964
640222_Dave Clark Five_Bits And Pieces
640620_Dave Clark Five_Can't You See That She's Mine
640801_Dave Clark Five_Because
641121_Dave Clark Five_Anyway You Want It
Dave Clark Five_1965-1966
660311_Dave Clark Five_Reelin' And Rockin'
660717_Dave Clark Five_Catch Us If You Can
661022_Dave Clark Five_Nineteens Day
661111_Dave Clark Five_Over And Over
Dave Clark Five_1967-1969
670316_Dave Clark Five_You Got What It Takes
680217_Dave Clark Five_Everybody Knows
680918_Dave Clark Five_Red Balloon
691206_Dave Clark Five_Good Old Rock'n'Roll
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rote Linie