Bobby Darin_1960-1961
600116_Bobby Darin_Beyond The Sea_01
600116_Bobby Darin_Beyound The Sea_Cash Box_TOP 100
600319_Bobby Darin_Clementine
600320_Bobby Darin_Clementine_Cash Box, TOP 100
600521_Bobby Darin_Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey_I'll Be There
600522_Bobby Darin_Bill Bailey_Cash Box_TOP 100
600924_Bobby Darin_Artificial Flowers
600924_Bobby Darin_Artificial Flowers_Cash Box_TOP 100
610204_Bobby Darin_Lazy River_OO-EE Train
610205_Bobby Darin_Lazy River_Cash Box_TOP 100
610902_Bobby Darin_You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby_Sorrow Tomorrow
610903_Bobby Darin_You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby_CB_TOP 100
611209_Bobby Darin_Irresistible You_01
611209_Bobby Darin_Irresistible_Cash Box_TOP 100
611216_Bobby Darin_Multiplication_01
611216_Bobby Darin_Multiplication_Cash Box_TOP 100
Bobby Darin_Button_Start_02
Bobby Darin_Button_1958-1959
Bobby Darin_Button_1960-1961
Bobby Darin_Button_1962-1963
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