Fats Domino_1955-1956
550212_Fats Domino_Thinking Of You
550319_Fats Domino_Don't You Know
550716_Fats Domino_Ain't That A Shame_FD
550917_Fats Domino_All By Myself_FD
551126_Fats Domino_Poor Me_FD
551210_Fats Domino_I Can't Go On_FD
560211_Fats Domino_Don't Blame It On Me_Bo Weevil_FD
560428_Fats Domino_I'm In Love Again_My Blue Heaven_FD
560728_Fats Domino_So Long_FD
560728_Fats Domino_When My Dreamboat Comes Home_FD
561006_Fats Domino_Blueberry Hill_FD
561027_Fats Domino_Honey Chile_FD
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rote Linie
rote Linie