Fats Domino_1957-1958
570105_Fats Domino_Blue Monday_FD
570112_Fats Domino_What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You_FD
570309_Fats Domino_I'm Walkin_FD'
570518_Fats Domino_Valley Of Tears_FD
570810_Fats Domino_What Will I Tell My Heart_When I See You_FD
571019_Fats Domino_Wait And See_FD
571026_Fats Domino_I Still Love You_FD
571027_Fats Domino_25 Jahre
571221_Fats Domino_The Big Beat_FD
571228_Fats Domino_I Want You To Know_FD
580315_Fats Domino_Yes, My Darling_FD
580503_Fats Domino_Sick And Tired_FD
580705_Fats Domino_Little Mary_FD
580920_Fats Domino_Young School Girl_FD
581108_Fats Domino_Whole Lotta Loving_FD
581115_Fats Domino_Coquette_FD
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