Fats Domino_1961-1964
610121_Fats Domino_What A Price_Ain't That Just Like A Woman_FD
610318_Fats Domino_Fell In Love On Monday_Shu Rah_FD
610513_Fats Domino_It Keeps Rainin'_FD
610722_Fats Domino_Let The Four Winds Blow_FD
610930_Fats Domino_What A Party_Rockin' Bicycle_FD
611209_Fats Domino_Jambalaya_FD
620303_Fats Domino_You win Again_Ida Jane_FD
620512_Fats Domino_My Real Name_FD
620630_Fats Domino_Nothing New_Dance With Mr. Domino_FD
630517_Fats Domino_jetzt bei ABC
630518_Fats Domino_There Goes_FD
630921_Fats Domino_Red Sails In The Sunset_FD
640229_Fats Domino_Lazy Lady_FD
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Fats Domino_Button_1961-1964
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